Jan Falcone

Jan Falcone

+297 593-8700
Meet Jan Falcone, broker/owner of Aruba Palms Realtors, N.V. Jan is a broker with an impressive amount of realty experience (since 2002) in all matters of real estate in Aruba. She is known for providing personalized service to all clients, and has assembled a team of experienced service providers who will see to your every need. Call the office, or call her directly at +297 593-8700. She responds to all inquirers and makes sure that they find what they are looking for, at all costs! A U.S. native, she is knowledgeable in all matters in Aruba with 35 years years of residence under her belt, and will expertly advise you on any issues as well as assist you with negotiations & mediations. Just ask her! She's your broker in Aruba! Jan.Falcone@yahoo.com