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Maintenance tips and tricks for your Aruba rental

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Managing the maintenance of your Aruba rental property is a never-ending process. Whether you
want to hire professionals for this task, do it yourself, or combine the two is up to you, as long as you
don’t neglect your responsibilities – after all, they’re part of being a landlord. We hope these
maintenance tips and tricks help you prevent small problems before they turn into large expenses.
Know your responsibilities
Renting is a great way to gradually make up for the costs of purchasing a property. However,
collecting rent money won’t be your only job. Landlords have many other responsibilities, too.
Minor maintenance issues are typically the tenants’ responsibility. The lease should clearly state
what is expected from the tenants. They are usually in charge of trash removal, changing light bulbs,
and the like. Landlords/property managers, on the other hand, are responsible for things like
electrical, heating, plumbing, wear and tear issues. If you aren’t familiar with the legal regulations
affecting your Aruba rental property investment, contact a professional for more information on this
issue so as to know what your exact responsibilities are.
Show that you care
An important responsibility you have as a landlord is to refresh your Aruba rental between tenants.
Your tenants will appreciate it and you’ll also preserve the value of your assets. Use the time before
the new people move in to fix, replace, clean, and paint things. Moreover, stock the place with spare
light bulbs, air filters, cleaning supplies, and showerheads. You could also help your new tenants if
moving to Aruba find reliable professionals who can safely relocate their belongings. If you show
that you’re a good landlord who cares about tenants’ needs, they will take better care of your Aruba
rental, give you positive reviews, and perhaps even stay longer than planned.
Document the condition of your Aruba rental

Another task to take care of before someone moves in is documenting the condition of the property.
Photos and videos are the best proof of what is damaged and what isn’t. This is a good way to avoid
confrontations and disputes, whether it’s a short-term or long-term rental.
Don’t expect the tenants to leave the property in a better condition than the one they got when they
moved in. Repair issues will always come up in rental properties. Since some repairs are
unavoidable, tenants are only accountable for more severe damage, such as broken doors and
windows, missing furniture or appliances, and holes in the walls. Communication is key. Be open and
honest about any issues instead of hiding them from your tenants. That way, they won’t hide
anything from you either.
Maintenance duties to perform regularly
 Check for water damage leaks regularly, focusing on the ceilings, roofs, and walls. Also look
for leaks around windows, toilets, and showers, under the sinks, boilers, and water heaters.
The best time to check for water damage leaks is after a heavy rainstorm or during periods
of extreme heat and humidity when pipes tend to sweat. The earlier you identify a water
leak, the better. Ongoing leaks can cause tremendous damage to your property and your
tenants’ possessions, not to mention the health hazards.
 Regular maintenance includes extermination, too. It should be performed every month or
every other month and cover the entire property. Since rodents and insects can cause
serious damage to your Aruba rental and chase away tenants, this preventative property
maintenance task should be left to professionals.
 Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors once a month to ensure they are working
properly. Whether you have battery-operated or hard-wired devices, they should be
checked and replaced on a regular basis. On average, carbon monoxide detectors last 5-7
years, while smoke alarms have a 10-year lifespan.
 Drain your water heaters once or twice a year to remove the built-up sediment in your unit.
Too much sediment can harm the efficiency of your water heater or even clog the drain
valve. Have in mind that replacing the heater isn’t cheap. If you’re not comfortable draining
your water heater yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a professional.
 Change the filters in your heating/air conditioning unit twice a year. Dirty filters can cause
malfunctions in the heating and cooling systems and increase your utility bill. If you don’t
change the filter, the air duct can become contaminated. If clogged, a duct usually needs
professional cleaning, which is an unnecessary expense.
 Gutters can easily become clogged, too. Clogged gutters lead to water leaks and other
complications. Removing leaves and debris from the gutters can be a tedious task. You can
spare yourself the trouble of cleaning the gutters by purchasing gutter guards for your Aruba
rental. Although there are several different options, the basic idea is pretty much the same:
the guard protecting the gutter has small holes that allow water to pass while preventing
larger debris from accumulating in the gutter.
Hire a property manager
Hire a good property manager that you can trust to ensure everything is working and there are no
maintenance issues. Having a property manager gives you access to professional maintenance in
addition to an entire network of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors. With their help, you will
be able to save money on maintenance costs, market your Aruba rental, avoid legal problems,

decrease tenant turnover, and ensure rent is paid on time. Not to mention how much time you’ll
save and how much stress you’ll avoid!
Aruba Palms Property Management can help you with everything to keep your property in excellent
condition so that your reviews are always good. Aruba Palms Property Management takes very good
care of all their guests and offers complimentary concierge services.

Author bio:
Hope Watts is a freelance writer from Queens, New York. A landlord herself, she is familiar with the
ups and downs of owning a rental property and loves writing about this particular topic. In her free
time, she enjoys cycling and watching her favorite drama shows.

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